UG(N)L has its registered head office and support base / workshop located in Lagos. All operations are managed from the Lagos office from where operational, technical, legal and financial support is provided to the crews as necessary. An established communications network enables direct communication with operating field crews, client offices and UG(N)L liaison / support offices in the UK and USA.

In the field, crew base camps are established according to the seismic programme priorities and safety requirements. All crew facilities are controlled by the Party Chief and comprise primarily of office, accommodation and workshop/maintenance facilities.


UG(N)L has two seismic crews in the field with the capacity to field more fully equipped ‘state of the art’ crews should the opportunity arise. All crews are equipped with state of the art equipment including; Leica Total Stations and RTK survey instrumentation, GTI nodes and Sercel Unite recording instrumentation, autonomous Boombox 3 blasters, and Vista/Promax in field QC processing systems. UG(N)L also has a fully equipped Air Gun Boat and fleet of Univibe Vibrator trucks to provide an ‘alternative energy’ source in swamp, riverine and urban environments.

With advances in technology and increased client demand for exploration in urban and transition zone frontiers, UG(N)L has invested heavily in new recording instrumentation including GTI third generation land nodes, a fleet of new INOVA Univibe Vibrator trucks and autonomous blasters. This investment will be expanded from 2022 with the introduction of new shallow water Ocean Bottom Nodes (OBN) and offshore marine assets for transition zone operations. 

These acquisitions further illustrate UG(N)L’s drive to deploy new technology in the most challenging environments and forms part of UG(N)L’s ongoing investment program to provide world class seismic data acquisition services to the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria.