Competitive Strengths

Project Planning

For each seismic project UG(N)L prepares a comprehensive project plan which enables all project stakeholders to have access to detailed operational information and also to address any concerns prior to implementation. Of great assistance is our unrivalled seismic archive and database stretching back through 50 years of Niger Delta operations.

Key areas covered by our project plans include:-

  •  Prospect scouting and analysis

  •  Personnel listing and manpower requirements

  •  Crew infrastructure plan

  •  Prospect field design, geometry and fold modelling

  •  Acquisition strategy

  •  Community Affairs management plan

  •  HSE plan

  •  Environmental plan

  •  Security plan

The benefits of producing such detailed plans include:-

  • Provides concise and detailed information for our clients, partners and other stakeholders on how the project should be executed.

  • Provides an opportunity for our clients and partners to make inputs before the project is mobilised.

  • Expedites the mobilisation phase and reduces the risk of making costly errors during implementation.


Advanced Logistics

The Advance Logistics Group (ALG) was developed in order to streamline mobilisations and demobilisations. The group is run by an experienced advanced logistics manager who reports directly to the Party Chief.

The ALG has responsibility for the following aspects:-

  •  Selection and permitting of infrastructure sites.

  •  Base camp planning

  •  Infrastructure construction of base camps, staging areas, explosives magazines, muster points, fly camps, jetties, CA houses, workshops etc.

  •  Installation of water treatment plant

  •  Installation of all electrical distribution systems

  •  Movement of our trailer camp

Quality Management

In 2004 UG(N)L decided to embark on a major investment in expanding and upgrading its quality control system. Known internally as the ‘project management system’, each of our key departments implemented the improvement starting with the recording and engineering departments.

This quality management system gives us a significant competitive advantage as we have a library of very detailed operating procedures for all aspects of geophysical operations. The ‘project management system’ is complete with its own comprehensive suite of audit controls, to ensure that all ‘specifications’ are met to both client and Industry standards. The PMS also forms the basis of the company’s in-house training systems.