Local Content Strategy

United Geophysical (Nigeria) Limited has operated in Nigeria since 1960 with a long and respected history of Nigerianisation of its operations. Nigerian management, professional, technical and operational staffs hold the vast majority of positions in the company at all levels from Executive Directors to the management of field operations, details of which are shown below:
  • 50% of the Directors of UG(N)L’s board are Nigerian

  • 100% of the Party Chiefs are Nigerian

  • All technical sections are headed by Nigerians

  • Over 20 Nigerian Senior Staff in UG(N)L employment for over 15 years.

  • Nigerians make up 94% of UG(N)L’s senior staff strength with a Nigerian to expatriate senior staff ratio of 15 to 1.

  • UG(N)L has been in a Technical Alliance / Joint Venture with IDSL since 1996.

  • Our JV field crews ensure that at least 60% of the workforce are employed directly from the host communities.

In all UG(N)L operations, surveying, drilling, recording, support and supply functions are subcontracted to indigenous contractors, the majority of whom are from the local communities in which operations are conducted. The only exceptions are senior and management staff and key junior staff who are employed directly by the company. These staff are employed to ensure continuity and maintenance of CASHES and quality standards.

UG(N)L also insists on the continual development and ‘on the job’ training of its permanent staff. This includes exposure to our comprehensive project management systems which monitor every aspect of geophysical operations to provide a ‘first class product’ with full recognition and respect to environmental, safety and local community participation and development.

Wherever possible all high quality goods, third party services, materials and consumables which are required for field operations are sourced and supplied in Nigeria by long standing and well established contractors.

Together with our external legal, corporate and financial advisors we continue to work towards creating more opportunities to increase and develop local content in the company's operations, and are mindful of the provisions of the Nigerian Content Act of 2012 and the additional opportunities this legislation provides.