HSE Commitment and Performance

All UG(N)L operations are governed by a very comprehensive project specific HSE plan. In each case this includes but is not limited to the HSE Management System, Environmental Management System (EMS) and security plan.

The commitment of Management and staff to the HSE management system is evidenced not only by the HSE standards obtained and HSE record achieved in our present operations but also by their participation in training, audits, and HSE meetings.

The Technical Alliance / Joint Venture have an enviable HSE record in the seismic industry resulting directly from our comprehensive HSE management system which is being constantly developed, enhanced and updated. In addition to training all new employees in HSE matters relating directly to their work and workplace, the Technical Alliance / Joint Venture also carries out awareness campaigns (e.g. Road safety and General Hygiene) in the host communities.

Our operations for SPDC in particular have received HSE Statement of Fitness Certification and achieved numerous HSE milestones. Some of these are listed below along with other key HSE achievements/milestones:-

  • In November 1999 our crew JV165 achieved 7 million man hours without LTI for SPDC

  • In October 2000 SIEP successfully audited the same crew.

  • In 2001 our crew JV165 safely conducted a 3D survey around Port Harcourt International airport

  • JV 169 successfully acquired ISO14001 certification in 2001

  • In 2002 JV165 working for SPDC only recorded only one RWC during the year

  • In March 2003 JV165 achieved 5 million man hours without LTI for SPDC

  • In December 2004 JV171 achieve 10 million man hours without LTI for SPDC

  • In October 2005 SIEP successfully audited our crew JV171

  • In 2008 JV172 achieved 3 million man hours without LTI for CNL

  • In 2010 JV174 achieved 2 million man hours without LTI for Pan Ocean